As the owner of, we can tell that most popular blog post on the website is Buy Kindle eBooks from Amazon Kindle Store US in Malaysia. It is a post that receives a lot of visitors, generate a lot of debates and inbound links, and behind the post is the motivation of to enable the book worms to buy and use kindle painlessly.

And yet, buying ebooks in Malaysia can still be painful even with the dedicated help from First, you have to have a dedicated account ( which we would help you sign up), and then you need to purchase a dedicated US debit card, and then you must wait for a while before you can start using the card, and after your funds in the debit card depleted, you have to buy another card from us, and the process repeats.

There should be no Malaysia credit card involved at any point of time.

BUT, but, shouldn’t buying ebook be instantaneous? Shouldn’t it be as simple and as painless as buying groceries online? Why still need to jump through so many hoops? And why there can be no Malaysia credit card involved?

For the readers who ask these questions, we now can offer you an alternative experience, enter KOBO!

Kobo is the second largest bookstore in the world, after Amazon. With a catalog of over 5 million ebooks, Kobo also presents a wide spectrum of selections for the book readers. And the best thing of all, you can now buy Kobo ebooks with your own Malaysia credit card, no need to go through us or other form of middleman.

To start, you can go to,  and sign up an account.


Unlike Amazon, kobo also allows you to log in via your facebook or Google account, so that you don’t have to remember yet-another-password.

And then you are in! You can start buying ebooks now.

Let’s try to buy this book, Prisoners of Geography from where we are, the Malaysia store.


With the price of USD 9.89, this book is significantly cheaper than the price tag at Amazon US, USD 13.99

Now, what if you want to buy ebooks from kobo store in other countries? Yes you can, and it’s super easy to do: just click on the national flag icon at the top of the page,

and you will be directed to the Choose Your Country section, let’s pick UK and viola! You are directed to the UK region of the book product:


Despite the apparent price difference, the cost of purchasing an ebook from kobo store is the same regardless of which region you are at; at the purchase page, the price displayed is the same, there is only one-price at Kobo website, which means that you don’t have to waste time to shop around for the best price.

Purchase complete!

As a sanity check, let’s go to my purchase history; it consists of a book I bought from Malaysia store, and another I bought from Taiwan store

And here’s another advantage of Kobo: it is fully integrated. Not only the purchase record across different regions will be stored at one place, but your books will be available under one single account on a device. You don’t have to sign-in and out of your account on your ereader device to access them all